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Diverse 55 / Proceedings of the 3rd ...

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Landscape and Human Health: Forests, Parks and Green Care. May 17 - 19, 2017, Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, Austria: 142 S.




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The Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BFW) addresses all forest-related aspects. In 2014 BFW initiated the
project "Green Care FOREST", which focuses on the social value of forests. Green Care FOREST is based on the
study "Green Public Health". The results indicate that staying in a forest environment contributes to general wellbeing,
protects against stress related diseases and supports mental health. Based on these findings, the 3rd International Conference on Landscape and Human Health is part of the project Green Care FOREST and is organised by the BFW, together with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU Vienna). Our everyday fast-paced life, the growing disconnectedness from nature and decreasing possibilities to enjoy natural environments are the basis for discussion at the conference. The increase of nervousness, stress and burn-out as well as associated physical side effects in western societies are serious issues of our time. Nevertheless, the solution to these health problems might be just at our doorstep: in the natural and cultural landscapes surrounding us. They are perceived as recreative settings, counteracting the symptoms mentioned above.


  • Natural Environments and Human Wellbeing:
  • Definitions of Wellbeing and Implications for Human-nature Research;  Keynote speaker – Mathew White
  • A New Forest Policy: Korea’s Forest Welfare;  Keynote speaker – Yoon Youngkyoon
  • Human Health Related Effects of Different Landscapes in the Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve; Brigitte Allex, Arne Arnberger, Renate Eder, Hans-Peter Hutter, Peter Wallner
  • Management of Urban and Peri-Urban Forests in Denmark and Attitudes of Forest Owners - through a Health Perspective; Oscar Alexander Andersson
  • Restorative Effects of Managed and Unmanaged Alpine Meadows; Arne Arnberger,Renate Eder,Brigitte Allex, Hans-Peter Hutter, Nicole Bauer, Mathias Hofmann, Johann G. Zaller, Thomas Frank.
  • Inclusive Planning and Design of Green Open Spaces for People with Physical Disabilities; Christine  Bai
  • Forest Recreation: The role of Childhood Experiences, Motives for Visiting Forests and the Performed Activities for Restoration; Nicole Bauer, Jacqueline Frick, Eike von Lindern, Marcel Hunziker
  • The Public Health Benefits of Green Infrastructure:
  • The Potential of Economic Framing for Enhanced Decision-making; Kathryn Bowen , Yvonne Lynch
  • Affective Relations are Key Elements for Recreation in the Garden; Renate Cervinka, Markus Schwab Landscape and Lifestyle: The Role of Scenic Beauty in Staying Active after an Intervention; Sjerp de Vries, Fransje Langers, Jessie Meis, Brenda Berendsen, Stef Kremers
  • Evaluating Accessibility Metrics for Healthy Urban Green Space: Dinand Ekkel, Sjerp de Vries
  • Social Farming in the Netherlands; Marjolein Elings, Jan Hassink
  • Improving the Content of a Riverside Walking Brochure Using Persuasive Messages to Heighten Intentions to Walk; Lewis Elliott, Mathew White, Adrian Taylor, Charles Abraham
  • Mindfulness Matters: Mindfulness Intervention Fosters the Health Effects of Nature; Kerstin Ensinger
  • Care Farming in the Making – Hungarian Experiences; Janka Horvath, Balint Balazs, Gyorgy Pataki, Hajnalka Petrics
  • Exploring Health-enabling Place: Swimming as an Accretive Practice; Ronan Foley
  • Psychophysiological Effects of Landscape’s Atmospheric Qualities; Erwin Frohmann , Max Moser , Vincent Grote , Alexander Avian
  • Feasibility of a Forest Therapy Intervention for Adults who are Experiencing Stress; Shirley Gleeson , Donal O’Keeffe , Margaret Barry
  • Effects of Green Exercise and Waterfall Aerosol on Mucosal Immunity and Chronic Stress. A randomized Controlled Clinical Trial; Carina Grafetstatter , Martin Gaisberger, Johanna Prossegger, Markus Ritter, Predrag Kolarž, Christina Pichler, Josef Thalhamer, Arnulf Hartl
  • Green Spaces for the Second Half of Life; Petra Hagen Hodgson, Peter Eberhard
  • What Does it Mean to Young People to be Part of a Care Farm: An Evaluation of a Care Farm Intervention for Young People with Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties; Sarah Hambidge
  • Nature Therapy and Green Exercise as Remedies for Emerging Civilization Diseases; Arnulf Hartl, Johanna Prossegger, Christina Pichler, Martin Niedermeier, Carina Grafetstatter
  • Experiences of Psychotherapy Outdoors from a Client Perspective: A qualitative Exploration; Joe Hinds
  • Effects of Urban Gardening on Symptoms of Chronic Stress: A Hair Cortisol Study
  • Mathias Hofmann, Christopher Young, Nicole Bauer
  • Reloading Your Batteries - a Cross-over-experiment on Restoration, Cognitive Performance and Health of
  • Adolescents;  Hans-Peter Hutter, Renate Eder, Brigitte Allex, Arne Arnberger, Marie Jansson, Peter Tappler, Lilly Damm, Michael Kundi, Peter Wallner
  • Sport and Fitness Running in Polish State Forest - Case Study; Emilia Janeczko, Małgorzata Woźnicka, Dotora Kargul-Plewa, Wiesława Nowacka
  • Exploring the Wellbeing Effect of Protected Areas - An Intercultural Comparison;  Alexandra Jiricka-Purrer, Valeria Tadini, Andrzej Tucki, Boris Salak, Giulio Senes
  • Shaping the Forests with Regard to Human Health. Concepts from the Beginning of the 20th Century Compared to Recent Developments; Elisabeth Johann
  • To Tree or Not to Tree: People’s Psychophysiological Responses to the Urban Landscape; Andy Kaufman, Arthi Padmanabhan, Paul Bolls, SangMi Lee, Roxanne Adams
  • Re-vitalising Urban Waterfronts; Thomas Kistemann
  • Nature Heals: People, Plants, Animals and the (Re-)connection to Health; Jean Larson
  • Application of Horticultural Therapy in Poland: Experiences and Prospects of its Development; Monika Latkowska, Lidia Poniży
  • Gabriels Garten: Experiences as a Nature Coach in Working with Asylum Seekers; Nadja Lobner
  • Enhancing the Social Dimension of Sustainable Forest Management in the Context of the Benefits of Forests to Human Health and Well-being; Ludmila Marusakova, Igor Viszlai
  • Requirements on Landscape and Agriculture; Maria Meinert
  • Psychological and Physical Effects of Walking through a German Mixed Stand Forest; Katharina Meyer, Stefan Hey, Renate Burger-Arndt
  • Design of Playgrounds for Children with Intellectual Disability: Case Study Based on Preference Observation; Tamara Muic, Mihailo Grbic, Dragana Skocajic, Andreja Tutundzic
  • The Green Urban Cemetery as a Public Health Resource; Helena Nordh, Katinka Evensen
  • Tourist Recreation Facilities of Warsaw Forests Focused on Chosen Users: Women and the Disabled; Wiesława Ł. Nowacka, Małgorzata Woźnicka, Emilia Janeczko
  • Phytoncide (Natural Volatile Organic Compounds) Concentration Analysis in Korea Pine Forest; Sujin Park, Mi-Ae Jeong, Ye-seul Jo, Cheolmin Kim
  • Can Psychological Tasks Strengthen Restoration and Improve Mood? Results from a Forest Walk Experiment; Tytti Pasanen, Kalevi Korpela
  • Landscape effects on human health and well-being as elements of social innovation in marginalized rural areas: reflections on why and how to evaluate them; Davide Pettenella, Laura Secco, Maria Ninijk, David Miller; Elena Pisani, Riccardo Da Re, Catie Burlando, Mauro Masiero, Phoebe Koundouri, Achilleas Vassilopolous, Antonio Lopolito, Diana Tuomasjukka, Nico Polman
  • The Meaning of Contact with Nature for Seniors’ Well-being; Lidia Poniży, Agnieszka Dziubała, Monika Latkowska
  • Fitness Training Outdoors – Opportunities for a New Offer in Urban Forests and Parks? Ulrike Probstl-Haider, Rene Moussong
  • Green Care Auszeithof - Preventive Healthcare at a Farm; Nicole Prop
  • Quantifying Ecosystem Services of Urban Forests in the Urban Area of Augsburg; Joachim Rathmann, Christoph Beck
  • EUSALP – An EU Macro-regional Strategy for the Valorization of the Alpine Region as Globally Attractive
  • Health Promoting Place;  Christina Pichler, Christian Salletmaier , Arnulf Hartl, Christina De Capitani, Iztok Altbauer, Barbara Ruffoni, Matthias Zink, Elisabeth Loock
  • German Forest Kindergartens: Long Term Impacts on Physical, Mental and Social Well-being; Silvia Schaffer, Thomas Kistemann
  • Methods for Enabling Adolescents in Urban Fabrics to Monitor and Reflect Everyday Physical Activity; Thomas Schauppenlehner, Verena Beiser, Irene Bittner, Doris Damyanovic, Rosa Diketmuller, Franz Mairinger, Martin Niegl
  • Development of Urban Forests in Urban and Suburban Areas of Switzerland; Michael Schulze, Susanne Karn, Christine Bai
  • Relaxation and Social Activities in the Garden Promote Perceived Health; Markus Schwab, Renate Cervinka
  • Benefits of Gardens on Human Health and Well-being; Birgit Steininger, Dorit Haubenhofer, Renate Cervinka, Markus Schwab, Hubert Schlieber, Roswitha Wolf
  • Valuation Study of Social and Economic Benefits Generated by Barigui Park in Brazil to Society; Leide Takahashi, Claudio Henschel De Matos, Marion Leticia Bartolamei Silva
  • Forest Walking after Rehabilitation: A Randomised Controlled Trial Among Patients with Heart and Vascular Disease; Karin Tanja-Dijkstra, Agnes van den Berg, Jolanda Maas
  • Humans, Non-Humans and Health in the Amazon Forest: Camilo Torres, Gerard Verschoor
  • Effects of Spatial Resolution on the Associations Between Urban Green Landscape and Human Health; Wei-Lun Tsai, Yu-Fai Leung, Melissa McHale, Myron Floyd
  • The Importance of Experience-settings in Therapeutic Landscapes; Stefan Turk, Dominica Buchelt
  • Health Effects of Living in Green Environment – Case Study from Helsinki, Finland; Liisa Tyrvainen, Marjo Neuvonen, Harri Silvennoinen
  • Walking with the Physiotherapist: An Evaluation of a Pilot Program among Ten Physiotherapy Practices; Agnes van den Berg
  • Greening School Grounds: The Benefits of Greening a School Ground on Social-emotional and Cognitive
  • Functioning of Primary School Children; Janke van Dijk-Wesselius, Jolanda Maas, Dieuwke Hovinga, Mark van Vugt, Agnes van den Berg
  • Social Farming in Northern Ireland: Growth and Development; Aoibeann Walsh
  • Modelling Forest Recreation in Baden-Württemberg, Germany; Matthias Wurster, Andy Selter, Arno Roder
  • Beneficial Effects of Nature: The Role of Quality and Type of Environment Visited on Individuals’
  • Psychological Restoration and Connectedness to Nature; Kayleigh Wyles, Mathew White, Melanie Austen, Sabine Pahl, Stephen Herbert
  • Gardening for Good – Comparing Determinants of Restoration in Domestic and Allotment Gardens; Chris Young, Nicole Bauer
  • Design with Aromatic Plants to Promote Mental Health; Gaochao Zhang