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Diverse 46 / Forest in Austria

Schreck M., Lackner Ch. [Red.], Khorchidi M., Lackner M. [Übers.] . 2016. Forest in Austria


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Our Forests do well. Austria is a country of forests. The manifold services provided by the forest and wood sector are essential for a bright future of our rural areas. Forests are an important economic factor, are working area ensuring green jobs, protect the population from natural disasters, are suppliers of energy and have a positive impact on the climate. Forests are important repositories of biodiversity, are living environment for animals and plants and are used for recreational purposes. Global climatic changes are challenging our forests. Extreme weather events led to massive bark beetle invasions in summer 2015. Timely and substantial measures were taken and kept the negative impacts down. Forest monitoring is crucial to ensure the stability and health of forest ecosystems. The revised national forest inventory of 2016 will provide sound data for decision making processes in time of climate change. Austria’s forest monitoring programme is advanced in its technique and role model for many other countries. It guarantees a constant supply with information on our forest resources and sustainable forest management as well as biodiversity and air quality. It is also a measure to control forest pests in the years to come.
Austria needs resilient and vital forests. Their ecological, economical and social benefits are of inestimable value.

Andrä Rupprechter, Federal Minister for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management


We know all about forests. Did you know that the region of Lilienfeld in Lower Austria is the district with the highest tree density in Austria, or that the Nothburga-spruce in Tyrol has a height of 58 meters and is therefore the highest tree of the country? Almost half of Austria is covered with forests and the forest area is still increasing – owned by private owners (82 per cent) and the public (18 per cent). The Austrian Research Centre for Forests (BFW) offers consulting, applied research, monitoring and educational services. BFW carries out the national forest inventory and manages the comprehensive data on forests in Austria. Our vision is to make the outcomes of our research available to everyone. We aim to share knowledge on the manifold benefits of forests and their ecosystems. The national forest inventory provides up to date data – we
therefore know for sure: 3.4 billion trees are growing in Austria and 65 tree species can be found in the forests. Forests have multifunctional roles: 145 000 forest owners make their living by managing their forests. Forests are important natural measurers to prevent and control natural hazards as avalanches and flooding. They are high in biodiversity and are
often visited for recreational uses. True nature experience is often just to be found in forests.

Peter Mayer,  Director Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape

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